This is the pitch from a 1990 College of Millionaires seminar held in Key West by Gary Halbert. I have some notes at the bottom of this page.

If you would like to double or triple your income in 1996, this may be the most important letter you will ever read.

Here is why: Until a short time ago, there was a place in Key West, Florida called "The College of Millionaires". It was created by a man named Gary C. Halbert. What Halbert and his "college" became famous for, was giving intense "secret" 3-1/2 day seminars... which cost... each attendee $6,950... just to get in the door!NOTE: This price did not include travel or hotel expenses!)

Gary Halbert’s Key West Seminar
College of Millionaires
October 1990

Tape 1 – Nancy Jones
Tape 2 – Nancy Jones
Tape 3 – Eric Weinstein
Tape 4 – Tracy tilson
Tape 5 – Dan Kennedy
Tape 6 – Dan Kennedy
Tape 7 – Alan Mills
Tape 8 – Richard Guyer
Tape 9 – Mike Glaspie
Tape 10 – Maike Glaspie
Tape 11 – John Eager
Tape 12 – Joe White Hot Seat
Tape 13 – Richard Foster Hot Seat
Tape 14 – Jane Bustin Hot Seat
Tape 15 – Don Stoneburner Hot Seat
Tape 16 – Joe O’Neil Hot Seat
Tape 17 – Bill Adams Hot Seat
Tape 18 – Volker Bauerle Hot Seat
Tape 19 – Volker Bauerle Hot Seat
Tape 20 – Audri Lanford Hot Seat
Tape 21 – Richard Strawder Hot Seat
Tape 22 – Rick Hellberg Hot Seat
Tape 23 – Harold Scott Hot Seat
Tape 24 – Ron Brekke Hot Seat
Tape 25 – Tod Mudry Hot Seat
Tape 26 – Lucille Meredith Hot Seat
Tape 27 – Larry Watts Hot Seat
Tape 28 – Dennis Davis hot Seat
Tape 29 – Gerald McCarthy Hot Seat
Tape 30 – Yevrah Ornstein Hot Seat
Tape 31 – Dale Derringer Hot Seat
Tape 32 – Don Diebel Hot Seat
Tape 33 – Scott Warner Hot Seat
Tape 34 – Guy Moser Hot Seat
Tape 35 – Richard Kaeser Hot Seat
Tape 36 – Harty Press Hot Seat
Tape 37 – Vincent Demeo Hot Seat
Tape 38 – George HopkinsHot Seat
Tape 39 – Ron Miller Hot Seat
Tape 40 – Gil Steile Hot Seat
Tape 41 – John Hallinan Hot Seat
Tape 42 – David Schwartz Hot Seat

Poster's Note: This is an AUDIO (mp3) rip of the 30 DVD set (30 DVDs equals 30 MP3s) so the listing of the tapes shown above is only for info purposes. 

I cleaned up the dvd folder names so they would sort properly. The actual mp3 files are named all over the place and appear to run about from about 38 to 62 minutes each.

The packaging is not pretty, the audio quality is rough in spots, but this is about 30 hours of Gary Halbert being Gary. 

If you are serious about learning how to craft offers that sell, you must pay attention to what Gary has to say.

Not my rip. Thanks to the original posters.

Mp3 30
GB 1.46

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Gary Halbert - College of Millionaires (1990 - Key West)

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