Here Is What Gary Halbert Himself Had To Say About This Amazing Seminar...

"What was it, I puzzled, that made these seminars stand out so much from all the other seminars I had given? Then it came to me. It was the format of the seminar. In the Root Canal seminars what I did was talk for the better part of the entire  first day on what people need to know to operate a pro table direct marketing business. And, what I talked about are things you MUST know that, as far as I know, have not been revealed in any other seminar. Then, after that, I asked if anyone in the room had marketing problems that I could help them solve. And, the entire rest of the seminar consisted of me telling people exactly what they were doing wrong and exactly what they needed to do to  x their problems. I not only answered their questions, I gave them marketing strategies that were essential to make a success out of their business."

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Gary Halbert - Root Canal Seminar

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